The Loveliness of Christ (James Smith Quote)

By: Dr. Andrew J. DiNardo
May 22, 2019 1:02 PM

Published May 14, 2019

Each Sunday we gather to worship our God and be reminded of the loveliness of our savior, Jesus.  Below I quote James Smith (1802—1862), where he clearly states just how wonderful Jesus truly is:

The Lord Jesus Christ is God — possessed of all divine attributes, and entitled to all divine honors. He is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit — God over all, and blessed for evermore! He is naturally, essentially, perfectly, and eternally possessed of everything peculiar to Deity.

He owes His existence to none. He says, "I am Jehovah, and beside Me there is no Savior!" He is God — and there is no other. There is no other name given under Heaven, or among men, whereby we can be saved. He is the Rock of Ages. He is the infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, gracious, just, holy, and unchangeable I AM!

Angels worship Him, devils obey Him, saints love Him, and sinners will bow to Him! He is the author of . . .  Creation, Providence, Redemption, and Glorification!  He . . .  produced all things by His power,  formed them by His wisdom, supplies them by His bounty,  rules them by His instruments, and employs them according to His sovereign will.

He is above all — in the glory of His nature. He possesses all — by essential right. He will judge all — according to His righteousness.  All things are dependent upon Him, and all rational beings are accountable to Him. Nothing can escape His eye; none can fly out of His hand! He is exalted above all, and remains King forever!

He is . . .  the King of kings, the Lord of lords, and the only supreme Law-giver of the universe! He is naturally, essentially, and eternally God: one with the Father, equal to the Father, and infinite as the Father.

Thus, the Scriptures reveal Him; as such, saints acknowledge Him, and join the angelic host in worshiping, praising, and adoring Him! As such, He loves all His people — yes, He is love to them.  As such, they love Him — and trust their eternal interests into His hands!